You’re No Maya Angelou! :: Musings of an Iconic Black Woman Artist


You’re No Maya Angelou! Is a story about a challenging experience I had in my professional career as a Filmmaker, that reaffirmed my self-worth and commitment to authenticity. This is a little dose of how I stood in my power as a vibrant wildflower, amidst individuals who didn’t see my beauty, and who preferred that I lilt into a pasty grey.

I wrote and experienced this story whilst in transition between my life in Los Angeles and Berlin ~ much of it was written on my one-way flight to Europe, while my memories were still fresh.

You can read an excerpt of this story here.

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When I received that email, something stirred deeply inside of me. It was that feeling when I encounter someone who doesn’t see me as the beautiful, gifted being that I am—and in fact, they let it be known that they certainly do not love or believe in me. With all the work I’ve done to love myself, it’s rare that I encounter such people—but when I do, it is literally a slap in the face.”


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