Divining Willow :: Our Visionary Connection in a Roller-Dreamscape



I sat alone in my booth for a moment, gazing at Willow–taking a few deep breaths to calm my racing heart. It was finally happening.

¿For real this time?

For real this time. It was finally happening. I slowly stood up and started walking over to Willow’s table. 

She was seated next to a young black man who was speaking to her in a passionately demonstrative teaching voice, as he intermittently scribbled numbers and symbols on a piece of scrap paper. 

“Hi Willow,” I said.

Willow gazed up from the paper, and directly into my eyes. 

“Hi!” she says. 

I took a really deep breath. 

“Um…I have something to tell you.”

My being felt barely contained within the thin fibers of my skin. I couldn’t believe that I was about to speak the same exact words I had spoken so many times to Willow in the Ether Realm.

Willow must have felt the breath fill my body, and the whole bounty of the message I carried inside of me, because she was instantly captivated. 

She intensely gazed her almond-hazel eyes even deeper into mine, gently took my hand and held it between both of hers.

“What is it?” she inquired with all of her heart.

Presence was served.

“…I’ve been having recurring dreams about meeting you for the past two years. They were all just like this–I would say these exact words…And it’s finally happening.”

Willow momentarily stared off in deep wonder, just as incredulous as I was. 

“You’ve been having dreams?…About ME?”

Yeah, I nodded.

“I…I knew it was going to happen. I kept getting signs all the time. From everywhere. From people I knew–it just came to a point where I knew it was bound to happen. I kept saying it. It’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. It’s about to happen…” I went on…

“Oh, Wow,” she whispered, blown away.

The guy next to her nodded at the whole ordeal taking place before him, as though he had been expecting it all along. 

“That’s what I was talking about. It’s the New Era…” he chimed in, mentioning some numerical affirmations regarding our encounter. I had no idea what he was talking about–however, I do resonate with the energetic power of numbers, and his presence added to the whole mystique. 

At this point, Willow was still clasping my hands, gazing intensely into my eyes. 

“I don’t know what energy brought you here today. How you were led here. But I’m so grateful you came. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It’s really amazing. And you’re so beautiful.”

The tension in my heart had melted—and soon began to overflow with Love and Gratitude.

I was still mentally and emotionally processing the whirlwind of what had just occurred—when Willow instantly whipped out her phone to take down my contact details and follow me on Instagram. Everything just happened so fast.

And then she invited me to sit down with the both of them and join the conversation. 

That is when I ordered my Ayurvedic Latte.

I remember sitting across from the both of them, sipping my tea, listening to this guy basically give us a mini-lecture about the meaning of numbers. He was highly technical and very passionate, but his concepts required a lot of mental work to understand, and therefore, I was only half-listening. I wasn’t very keen on being in my head, but more-so wanting to share deeply and connect from the heart. However, I respected the space that I had joined, and just quietly enjoyed the beauty of scenario I had found myself in… sitting there with my queenly headwrap and Ayurvedic Latte, across from Willow…all of us living, breathing and being a manifested dream.

After a little while, the conversation lightened up and the young man excused himself and bid us farewell for the night. I asked Willow how she knew him, and it was only at that moment that she told me they had just met. I was stunned by her openness (¿I also wondered if she ever grows weary?) and later came to realize how this quality of hers is so integral to what brought us together in the first place. 

I scooched over to share the booth with Willow, as space had been created for us to exchange our own energies–we embarked on our own journey through conversation. 

And I had the pleasure to behold in my presence–one of the purest, most colorfully expressive, passion-filled human beings I’d ever met in my life. 

Every little ounce of Willow’s feeling and emotion was translated through her facial expressions, eyes, voice, and hand gestures. And she felt everything so deeply. 


She would orgasmically exhale, her voice rising to crescendo, eyes slowly widening–while bearing witness to that which carried even the tiniest resonance with her heart and spirit. 

Her expressions were hilarious at times, deeply emotional at others–but I was always feeling right there with her. As someone who is also highly sensitive and empathic, it was refreshing to engage with someone who feels as deeply as I do–and who hasn’t lost or been conditioned out of their ability to express their full range of authentic human emotion. She has a very earnest curiosity about the world and its workings–everything of this nature of what and who We are in the Universe is of genuine interest to her. 

Willow has the inherent wisdom of a Sage, the curious wonderment of a newborn baby, and the trials of an Earthly Being. She is walking her purpose in deep stride, and trying to understand how to fully step into it all at once. She also deeply cares about the Earth and feels accountable for her part in creating a better world for all of Earth’s inhabitants…sometimes even to the point where she truly wondered and doubted if she was doing enough. 

The pure and potent essences that I saw inside of Willow—her connection to the force that connected us all—were elements that made her presence very down to Earth.

For me, I felt like we were just continuing the conversations we had been having spiritually. We were catching up in the physical realm. 

We sat at that Cafe for 3 hours, talking, laughing, releasing, sharing. 

It was just like in my dreams.

“We should definitely hang out again,” she said, exchanging contacts before we parted ways. From then on, our connection was a journey unto itself. 

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