Divining Willow :: Our Visionary Connection in a Roller-Dreamscape


<<<- Retro-Spekt.

At that very moment in time, I had been having recurring dreams about meeting Willow for the past two and a half years. The dreams were not just normal dreams–they always boldly stood out in my consciousness as vividly real experiences. Ones where I would wake up, adjusting back into a waking life that appeared to be confusingly different than what I had obviously just experienced. 

The dreams were always different in terms of setting. Sometimes, we would be in nature, sometimes–backstage at an event, or in her living room with family. But there were a couple of common threads within them. 

One thread that remained consistent–was that we were always just chilling in an intimate space where we could talk and relax.

((¿?))It was like we were friends, or something(!)

The dreams of us actually hanging out and being friends always perplexed me whenever I woke up, because it was just so fucking real. It was so real that–whenever I had a dream where it was my “first time” meeting Willow, I would approach her within that intimate space we were sharing, and genuinely greet her for the first time from the depths of my heart and soul. I would always say something along these lines:

“Yo…I’ve been waiting a long time to share this with you and can’t believe I’m finally saying this …but..I’ve been having dream about meeting you for the past two years, and I’m so, so grateful that it’s finally come true. This is so amazing.”

I would feel the joy of our connection resonate on a cellular level. The context of the dream was also always aligned with where I was in my waking life, and how many months or years I had actually been dreaming about her, as if I my physical body was literally acting as an Avatar in another dimension. 

I honored my dreams as something that actually happened— I just didn’t understand how such an experience could be so. Especially because at whatever time in my life I was experiencing it, I had no physical connection to her.

Also, as much as I genuinely admired and appreciated Willow as an Artist, I wouldn’t call myself a typical “fan”—I didn’t own any records or files of her music, nor did I follow her career or whereabouts to the extent that would produce such a wildly vivid imagination about meeting her. The dreams just appeared in my life as a natural phenomenon.  

I had however–always felt a really strong Spiritual connection with Willow from the time I saw her video “I Am Me”.

(((In that Era of my life, I had two Secret crushes :: Willow Smith and Obama.)))

I always recognized her as being part of my Cosmic Family, in terms of the energy she carried into the world, and her consciousness. She was Indigo, like me. 

I understood that those dreams were more like visitations to be with this member of my Cosmic Family, and connect beyond the limitations of the physical realm. 

I didn’t know it at the time–but those dreams were prophecies. 

Still, in my mind, I was thinking on the Earthly plane. This is Willow Smith! She is world famous, and I had been conditioned to believe there was some inherent separation or barrier between myself and such people. 

.((She)) rolled her eyes at that one later.

Being very Spiritually attuned and respecting the power of the subconscious, I affirmed my dreams as real and knew for sure that they would come true. I often also shared my visions and dreams with close friends. 

However, I also felt that our encounter would come at a time in my life where I had reached a perceived level of worldly and externalized success that would open the doors to meet people who I admired and felt a soul-level kinship with–but who were occupying a different space in society than the one from which I was coming from. Especially during the times that my “space” was once a small bedroom in the boonies of Western Massachusetts, working my butt off to save up for my dreams. 

In retrospect, I think my assumptions carried a ring of truth to it–but it wasn’t the whole truth. 

Los Angeles was a space where I was fiercely and urgently called to rise up, and where I created a level of personal success as an Artist that allowed me to thrive and move freely through the world—but it also took me on a unique journey that broke down my conditioning about these artificial social barriers very rapidly. 

Throughout the year that I had been living in Los Angeles, I began to receive signs and symbols in my waking life that reminded me of my impending connection with Willow—to the point where my dreams had become less frequent, being replaced with physical manifestations. It was a strange and interesting transition into the physical, and it was always through my connection with other like-hearted souls in L.A. 

During my time in L.A., I met so many lusciously beautiful souls who were filled with Creativity and Inspiration. From the beginning, I would often frequent my favorite Plant-based cafe in DTLA, Wild Living Foods–and there, I be-friended all of the staff pretty quickly. In the stark, lonely wilderness and constant leap of faith that embodied my daily life in L.A., Wild was a safe space for me where I found community and a sense of warmth and belonging—as well as some of the best raw vegan ice cream ev-err. 

I would walk in every other day and sample all the flavors like I was brand new. 

Wild was also where I met Yuli and Flower, two young, Bohemian Artists and lovers who regularly worked there. Flower embodied her name—a sweet-faced white girl with freckles, fiercely rocking her bald head, funky glasses and vibrant colours. Yuli was a beautiful, olive-skinned androgyne with a subdued presence and flirtatious air. 

One day, Flower gave me her Instagram handle so we could follow each other, and I instantly saw that Willow followed her. I walked over to the Salad Bar counter. 

“Yo…do you know that Willow follows you?” I asked. 

“Yeah…I know Willow. We hang with the Msftsrep crew.” she cooly responded.

(((¿Mis-fits Repp?)))

I squinted, and turned to Yuli. 

“Yo…this is crazy, because I’ve been having super vivid dreams about meeting her for the past couple of years, and now I see that you guys are connected.”

Yuli gazed at me, smiling. 

“It’s gonna happen,” she said. 

(((It’s gonna happen)))

From then on, other signs came to pass. I would open my Instagram and see that someone I was connected with had jammed with Willow at nearby event, or that she was even involved with an event where I could see her. 

At a point, positioning myself to share physical space with Willow seemed almost too easy. I envisioned the possibility of meeting her at one of these events, and gazed inward. I was in a different space in my life, and some of these spaces were not energetically aligned with where I felt called to be. 

Crowded events didn’t really strike my fancy—I wasn’t attracted to the idea of smooshing and banging into human beings, whilst striving to get someone’s attention. 

As a Cat, I prefer the comfort and luxury of a quiet, intimate space. I was also very focused on what I was creating in my Personal and Creative life. 

I made a decision that if I was going to meet Willow—it had to be exactly the way it was in my dream. I set the energy forth, calmly let it go–and allowed it to be what it was meant to be. 

And so it was.


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