Pole Studio Diaries :: On Being Told That I Stink & Embracing My Natural Scent


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A Short Memoirette of my Becoming. 

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I am an Emerging Writer, and would like to learn Indesign Software skills so that I can independently publish my lengthier writings such as this one and create them into beautiful, multimedia Ebooks.

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It felt as though I were desperately trying to fix something that I–in my heart–never truly saw as being broken…Just because other people were not used to it or felt it was unacceptable.

If I didn’t feel like I smelled bad, and I know I have proper hygiene–how would I feel about myself for going the “extra mile” based on someone else’s standards of how my body should smell?

Self-Love is so important to me and it always comes first. These questions lingered throughout my journey…


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