“My Dance (and life) philosophy is as such: move slowly, and with intent. Build a strong foundation from the basics. Focus on the small details of your movement, and perform those things well. Devote yourself to a high quality practice. Love and Care for Yourself. These are a few tenets that will allow you to mature as an Artist and have longevity and power with whatever you do.”

N3VLYNNN is a passionate Movement Instructor, and is deeply committed to creating a holistically engaging, fun, and enlightening space for her students.

A Self-Trained Pole Dancer, N3VLYNNN encourages students to find their own unique movement through self-reflective practice. She incorporates her unique background and Movement Philosophy into her coursework, teaching with compassion, patience, and devotion to Holistic Wellness.

N3VLYNNN is available for Private Lessons In-Person or via Skype, as well as a variety of Workshops and Classes. Please use our contact form for bookings and inquiries.


Workshop Offerings :

Coming Soon!



Certifications & Education:

  • ElevatEducation Pole Dance Teacher Training
  • Floor Flow Teacher Training Scholarship Awardee