My Dance Journey & Training Philosophy

I have been Pole Dancing for 5+ years. It all began when I first purchased my first X-Pole and attempted-with fierce determination- to teach myself in my Brooklyn apartment. A few weeks later, I began taking some classes at Body & Pole NYC. In between my bi-monthly studio classes, I would practice regularly in my apartment.

My Self-Training Practice is where the magick happened, as I created space to fine-tune my skills at my own pace, and find my Artistic Voice. Since then, I have traveled the world as a Pole Dance Artist and Performer, living and training in Los Angeles, Berlin, and beyond.


Self-Training is an unconventional approach to learning Dance. My journey has been as beautiful and fulfilling as it has been challenging. As I have always made a point to learn and model some of my training styles from The Best, whether in a Workshop, Online Course, or DVD–I would not say I am entirely “self-taught”.

What Self-Training means is that I have been my own Pole and Fitness Coach, Best Friend, and Advocate through the majority of my process. I have created and implemented my own Training programs, refined my unique Style, and completely determined the direction of my Artistry.

The beautiful advantage of my self-training approach–is that my Art is highly original. I have always actively chosen, and subsequently provided myself with tools and resources to learn the specific Dance techniques and styles I want to learn.

My Free-Style expertise has allowed me to experiment and find my own unique style within those techniques. Instead of adopting someone else’s Movement vocabulary, I have learned to design and create my own language.

Blessings in Disguise

There have been times during my Dance journey when I have not had access to a Pole Studio or Training due to cost, distance, or simply not finding space which suited me as a whole person.

Yet I still continued to train, create space, and use whatever resources I had to create myself into a Holistically skilled and beautiful Movement Artist, whether on the Pole, a Bare Floor, or on a Playground.

My breaks from Pole have opened me up to incorporate a variety movement artistries and modalities into my teaching and training, including Floor Acrobatics, Contemporary, Ballet, and Hip-Hop Dance, and Circus Arts.

These Artistries have enriched my process, and allowed me to view myself more broadly — as a Movement Artist who focuses on Pole Dance.


Pole Dance -and some of my past injuries- have piqued my interest in the human body, and what we need to move well–particularly with the demands of a highly athletic Art such as Pole Dance. I am constantly studying anatomy, safe training techniques, injury prevention and self-care.

In general, Wellness of Mind/Body/Spirit is highly important to me. I believe Self-Love is the foundation for a quality life. Likewise, a strong self-care and healing practice is the foundation of high-quality training.


My Dance (and life) philosophy is as such: move slowly, and with intent. Build a strong foundation from the basics. Focus on the small details of your movement, and perform those things well. Devote yourself to a high quality practice. Love and Care for Yourself. These few tenets will allow you to mature as an Artist and have longevity and power with whatever you do.

Cheers to that. <3