N3VLYNNN : My Path To Healing & Creative Liberation

When I began writing this piece, I didn’t know it was going to be a memoir.

I thought I would just dip my toes into the sandy shores, but I soon found myself far out in the middle of the sea. Once I started writing, I just couldn’t stop, and I never looked back. What I thought would be a short article about my experience as a black woman in the Pole Dance world, quickly unfolded into an abundantly rich memoir about my life. This memoir details my 7 year journey of nurturing my discipline and craft as a Pole Dancer, through my gifts as as a multi-faceted Artist, Filmmaker, and Creative Entrepreneur. 

This story also captures the depths of my journey as a woman who is healing intergenerational, sexual, and emotional wounds. Within these pages, I share some of the traumas I’ve faced in my most significant relationships, my enduring life path towards holistic wellness, and how I’ve stepped into my own light.

It is my story of how—amidst the challenge of never quite finding a space where my whole self was embraced—I repeatedly chose to see my own gifts, and craft my own lane. 

This book contains some of the rawest and most powerful truth-tellings I have ever shared. 

 I only hope that my heart reaches another heart. ❤️

My Why

I created this page because my story is powerfully raw, deep and intimate, and I am clear on who I would like to share my story with. My intention is to create an exclusive and intimate community of women who can benefit from the journey I share within these pages. If you would like to purchase this book, please submit a request here to offer a brief introduction of yourself and share your intentions for purchasing my book. If accepted, you will receive a link to purchase the book in your desired format. 

Please scroll further to find full page excerpts, photos and reviews of my memoir. More excerpts can be found here.
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Thank you, and Enjoy! 

Book Specifications

Paperback Book

6×9 inches.

542 pages.

Signed by the Author.

All interior images of this edition have been printed in Black and White to make each copy more affordable and accessible.

This memoir is also available in full-color Ebook format.

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Book Pricing

Signed Print Book (B&W Interior Images)-$45

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Un-Signed Print Book (B&W Interior Images)-$30


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