Dedication (Memoir Excerpt)
Creative Direction / Fashion Design: N3VLYNNN, Photographer: Johanna Ghebray

This memoir is dedicated to me. Throughout the journey of writing my story, I have profoundly deepened my love, respect, and appreciation for myself. 

As I’ve gazed back into my darkest hours, I have extended a loving hand to my former self, held and hugged myself with the utmost compassion, crooned and tended to my old wounds with the same loving-kindness I would offer a lost little kitten. 

I have reaffirmed myself in the moments that I’ve felt so deeply unseen and unheard along my path—that my voice matters, my Art matters. I matter. I’ve watched all of my pain and hardship be transmuted into power. I have written that transmutation into existence. 

I have fawned over my own beauty. 

I have adored my former selves. 

I have admired my courage, tenacity and resilience.

I have honored my truth. 

I have seen myself all over again.

This was an excerpt from the memoir, “N3VLYNNN: My Path to Healing & Creative Liberation.”


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